Darcy elected to Montlake Community Club Board of Trustees
Posted On :  Jun 15, 2016

The Montlake Community Club works to maintain and nurture the natural environment and history of Seattle's Montlake neighborhood. The object of the MCC is to maintain and improve the Montlake neighborhood. All residents, property owners and business operators, 18 years of age or older with street addresses in the Montlake neighborhood are members of the Montlake Community Club. As a long term resident of Montlake I am thrilled to be elected to this position and look forward to continuing the good work of the Board. 


About Darcy

Strategic Approach, Keen Negotiator, Consistent Communicator


Darcy is widely regarded as one of the most passionate, hardest working brokers in the region, investing her time to know the players in the market, and to understand the dynamics that drive the market. While Darcy has accumulated an impressive list of achievements and awards, she is most proud of her list of satisfied, return clients who are happy to share stories of Darcy’s dedication, results-driven approach and peerless professionalism.

Real estate transactions are as varied in scope as they are in complexity. Gone are the days of the simple contract, or the boiler-plate purchase-and-sale agreement. Today, to win in real estate, you need to look for opportunity where others see none, and find solutions where others have failed.

Most important, though, you need a savvy, seasoned real-estate professional who understands the hardscrabble reality that results is what matters - someone who is master of the transaction.

That real-estate professional is Darcy ....


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