John and Lisa Russell-Laurelhurst

Darcy is dedicated, organized, creative, and a savvy marketer. Because of her expertise we ended up with more money from each sale than we ever dreamed. Her strategies are sound and her negotiation skills are honed. If you are considering hiring Darcy, do so today!

  --John and Lisa
Robert Briscoe-Washington Park

"Darcy is the consummate professional. Here are my thoughts: She is TRUSTWORTHY-always working with the best interests of her clients; HARDWORKING-we signed our offer at 10:45 Christmas Eve; KNOWLEDGEABLE-she has been working in the Madison Park office for years; POSITIVE ATTITUDE-before working with Darcy we would run into her at many open houses. She completely bowled us over with her attitude; RESPONSIVE-always available by phone, email or in person; RESPECTED-she has the respect of other agents. Bottom line-hire her! You won't be disappointed."

Cayce and Lauren Roy-Madrona

“We found Darcy's experience and insight invaluable in pricing our home and in helping us prepare it for sale. We were thrilled with how the preparation details were expertly handled, taking many overwhelming tasks off our plate, allowing us to focus on our new home and children. We can attest to Darcy's integrity and dedication to her clients."

  --Cayce and Lauren
Cara Kroenke and Abby Larson-Madison Park

"Darcy's marketing = Jackie Kennedy + J Peterman + Sister Parish + Martha = I LOVE IT"

Millie Anne and Brent VanDevender-Wedgwood

"Darcy completely exceeded our expectations by being our voice, our eyes and our ears. Circumstances required that we move out of the area shortly after listing our home. Darcy continuously put our minds at ease regarding the state of our property. She answered late night calls, was always empathetic to our long distance concerns and somehow managed a cheery disposition at all times."

  --Millie Anne
Mounir and Mirvat Asmar-Bothell

"There is no doubt to the professionalism and knowledge that qualify Darcy, She took the task of selling our home and finding us a new home to heart. It felt as if she was looking for a home for herself. We can state with assurance that she is devoted not only to her job but also to the people she is helping. Her attention to detail stemming from years of experience taught us important information which was otherwise unknown to us. What Darcy delivered was above and beyond anything we ever expected."

  --Mounir and Mirvat
Andrea and Adam Alessio-Maple Leaf and Bryant

We would quickly recommend Darcy LaBelle as a trusted, experienced real estate professional. She was professionally generous to us, and took us 'under her wing', expertly leading us through the stressful process of selling and buying. We hold her in the highest regards. 

  --Andrea and Adam
Lisa and Steve-Mt. Baker

We listed our home with Darcy in the spring of 2013. What a joy it was to work with her! I have been a real estate agent myself and was very careful when considering who to hire to sell our home. We chose Darcy because of her incredible knowledge of the local market, her effective and gorgeous marketing materials and her honesty and integrity. Darcy is very accessible and highly responsive to your needs as a client. Our home sold within two weeks and we felt she handled the negotiations directly, honestly and professionally. Her warm and enthusiastic approach to dealing with us and the other agents who previewed, showed and ultimately sold the property was so appreciated. She is everything a seasonsed agent should be and more!

  --Steve and Lisa
Sally Leonhardt-Arboretum/Vashon

In 2004 Darcy LaBelle sold my Seattle home in just three days! She created miraculous staging and gave guidance that made the selling price fantastic! I stayed in the Seattle area for another ten years and when it was time to sell again, I called her. I didn't think it was possible to have a better experience, but she outperformed herself! As a seasoned agent, Darcy represented me with such absolute seamless professionalism and expertise it took my breath away. I would hire Darcy again and again - no other agent compares. Darcy is truly the best in the Northwest!

  --Sally Leonhardt
Michelle Tepper-Green Lake

Darcy didn't just help me find and get the home I love, but she has been a source of information and advice on all things home related since. For Darcy, getting her clients into a home that fits them is more like matchmaking and she's great at it. Each home is not a number for Darcy, but rather a story that lights her up to tell you about. I know some people who stay friends with their realtors. Darcy has become more than that to me...she has truly been someone I can rely on, like family.

  --Michelle Tepper

About Darcy

Strategic Approach, Keen Negotiator, Consistent Communicator


Darcy is widely regarded as one of the most passionate, hardest working brokers in the region, investing her time to know the players in the market, and to understand the dynamics that drive the market. While Darcy has accumulated an impressive list of achievements and awards, she is most proud of her list of satisfied, return clients who are happy to share stories of Darcy’s dedication, results-driven approach and peerless professionalism.

Real estate transactions are as varied in scope as they are in complexity. Gone are the days of the simple contract, or the boiler-plate purchase-and-sale agreement. Today, to win in real estate, you need to look for opportunity where others see none, and find solutions where others have failed.

Most important, though, you need a savvy, seasoned real-estate professional who understands the hardscrabble reality that results is what matters - someone who is master of the transaction.

That real-estate professional is Darcy ....


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